I WAS HERE making of

I Was Here is one of my favorite tracks off the album. I think the 2nd verse is one of my favorites ever written and wanted to make sure it was represented correctly (I've recycled the verse like 3 times). Its my statement track for those who are coming from marginalized areas.

The concept started with Bocafloja and went from there. Chaveli and I added to the story a little because we couldn't find the right people to do the project so we adjusted. We decided to add graphics by poskeone because my niece in the dress was a little similar to a Blitz The Ambassador visual he dropped while i was making this. At least we on the same wavelength! Ha... Besides, it adds a little touch to the story line. Hopefully you can tell form the stills above that each shot got a lot of attention. From the way it was colored to how it was composed. I absolute hate adding footage just fill space so if you slow the video down you'll see that each shot is composed with detail and that each frame as a  "still image" can stand on its on own. For this reason I hope people will watch the video more than one time. 

I don't really consider what I do "music videos" in the traditional sense. My visuals are usually a little "slower" in pace and don't have all the fancy cuts and light flare effects you might see in most. I enjoy the cinematography aspect a lot more than fancy and flashy edits. I think for this reason  hopefully my visuals stand the test of time. 

I thank my niece and family for helping me with this project. She was so good in each shot and worked all day for me without any complaint. Thanks to my sister Rosie who helped connect me with the right people and came through for me. We work on a no budget bases so everything is through connections built through community. Thanks to my sister and co-owner of "cambiowashere" llc chaveli for always being available to help and throw around ideas. Special shout out to the creator for blessing the film days. 

We try and up the game with each visual or at least tell a story and i hope that you enjoy this one. 

with all of my love. 

specs for those looking to create. 

Blackmagic Cinema Camera, RAW mode, Colored in Davinci Resolve and Edited in Final Cut Pro X. Rokinon Cine Lenses 50mm, 14mm.