Sam & Yesenia Wedding Portrait

Sept 19 2015 in Gilroy.

I met Sam and Yesenia through Chaveli and had asked her to see if I could bring a camera and get some shots. I met them for the first time at the wedding while they were sitting at their table. I decided to shoot hand held and not be so invasive since we hadn't really planned anything beforehand. I moved around the crowd a lot so that people got used to me with a camera. I used prime lenses so I had to move close to get a shot. My goal of the evening was to capture some emotions and reactions from the bride and groom. Chena has some great facial expressions and you can tell the couple is deeply in love. I was just happy to be there and that they allowed me to film such intimate moments. I try to be really aware that this is their special day and not to be intrusive. I shot using the black magic cc 4k and used twixtor to slow some shots down to 60fps since the camera only shoots in raw mode at 30 fps. I also shot handheld which allowed me to move around. I colored using Davinci Resolve and I wanted to maintain my style by adding texture to the look without taking away from the light colors. The two wedding photographers were also there moving around a lot so it was a lot at once. I had to pick my moments to get in a shot or two. Unlike photography who can shoot 100 shots and capture that one special moment, i had one take and i think i did pretty damn good for being the outsider of the group. :). Thanks again to Chaveli for hooking that up. Looking forward to shooting another wedding soon. 

chenasam 17.jpg