Day After Day feat Bocafloja & Byrd

About this project:

Over the summer I worked on a few videos simultaneously. I was in NY in June to film the rest of a Documentary Boca and I have been working on and a music video for Haches new project so i figured this would be a good opportunity to work on Day After Day while I was there. D.C. is a few hours away and Byrd was nice enough to take a bus to NY to film. I picked her up a few blocks from Madison Square Garden where I had met her for the first time. We immediately related through a mutual love of Basketball. She's a lot taller in person and and I learned she works with youth in D.C. and is a baller!!!..which is super dope. Good Peoples. Boca had scouted the Blue Wall which is across the street from Yankee stadium so it was super loud and hard to hear. We filmed middle of the Day around 1pm so the light was a little harsh. She killed her role and did an amazing job performing the verse. We did a few takes. Wide Shot steady. Close Up steady and Wide shot moving. I was using the new DJ ronin so i was trying to use that effect. You can see it a little more as I intro the artist. We had some food and then went to the tunnel spot a little later in the evening. I liked the walls and colors so we set up. The people were coming on and off the subway train so we had to pick our moments to film smack in the middle of the hallway. The next day we filmed Bocas verse at a Beach by the bronx. We used a lake that sits across to give it a different feel than being in the City. Although I wanted to film his part in the city he wanted this scenery which came out nice as well and switched it up. 

I had both parts of the video done and started working on other projects when I came back from NYC. In late July I was in East Bakersfield and filmed my part of the track. On the Eastside you have to wake up super early to get the shot so its not interrupted by people onlooking. Its not like NY or a big city where people are used to cameras. I filmed it at a pool hall that's still active. I have always liked the look of it. I filmed the last part in Watsonville CA. I asked a friend of mine @LavishHabits831 who sells good on the go if i could use his setup to film. I originally had someone else playing the female hustler but she backed out last second and I had young Edith do it. She did with a few hours notice and for that I'm thankful. I got the Watsonville vs Everybody hoodie for her to rock and we was good to go. I wanted to give the role of the hustler to a female which is always dominated by males in music videos and she did a great job. The concept of the video is simple: I play a working class guy (i am..haaa) who doesn't go to the "mall" to get his gear but like a lot of people go to a local spot or local hustler to get set up. We used this idea for the intro, hooks and ending. Since the video still needed a little touch to it I wanted to add graphics. I spent about 2 weeks 4 hours a day working on it myself then realized I was out of my league on it so I asked a friend Poskeone from Mexico City to do it. He also did PEOPLE, For the Places Left Unfinished and other videos for us. It took him 3 weeks to rotoscope the project. That idea came from a video by BJ the Chicago Kid feat Schoolboy Q who have a video with dope graphics. Simple but adds to the effect. Overall I enjoyed the process of creating this and the song is one of my favorites. I hope the video does it justice. 

Technical Specs: (by people posting there specs is how I learned to do video projects). BlackMagic Cinema Camera 4k (although compressed to 1080 anyways so it doesn't really matter that its 4k) RAW mode and Color Corrected on Davinci Resolve. Edited in Final Cut Pro X. I used Rokinon Cine Lenses 14mm and 50mm. Dji Ronin for glide shots. (theres no slow motion in the video because you can't shoot 60fps on a black magic)