Cuba "The Body, Love, and Place Space"

Some shots from my recent Cuba trip. I went to shoot a documentary with Bocafloja called "Bravado Magenta" and took my Leica M6 film camera. I used Provia 100f and Portra 160. The theme seems to be Dignity and Love while occupying public space. Beauty and Power Maybe one day i can turn this into a photobook/zine of some sort. Email me if your interested in a print. 

Team "Burial of Kojo"

Excited to announce i'll be on the team for this feature film shooting this spring in Ghana directed by Blitz The Ambassador. Good things to come. I'll be on the team with Shawn Peters (who works with Bradford Young)  and with and Legendary Gaffer Christian Epps (BELLY, Selma, Michael Jackson and much more). Yes Yes Ya'll. 


Did some photos for a Quincenera i have coming up this weekend. These photos will be added to the slideshow :)